At Mazon, our mission is simple: Improving peoples lives through innovation.

Why Mazon?

At the heart of the company's inception, a pivotal moment unfolded during a board meeting at Sleep Systems. Their mission? To launch a new brand name for an upcoming mattress range. As ideas swirled, one member proposed "Maison," echoing the essence of home in French—a sentiment deeply rooted in the ancestral origins of the team hailing from Europe. Thus, the seed of the name was sown, but it needed to be uniquely tailored to the company's identity, thus blossoming into what we now know as Mazon Group.

As time marched forward, the company revisited its core values and business model, homing in on the sanctuary of the bedroom. With a renewed focus on user-centric design, the vision expanded beyond mere mattresses and bedding, branching out to reimagine innovative solutions for every corner of the home. And so, as the years unfurled, the brand evolved, transforming from a simple name for a mattress range to a beacon of innovation and comfort in every household—a journey that culminated in the birth of Mazon Group. 

We're continually improving...

The dedicated team of researchers and designers at Mazon remains committed to exploration and innovation. Continuously on the lookout for new opportunities, we strive to craft products that not only meet but exceed your needs, ensuring exceptional quality and functionality with every creation.

Mazon is committed to elevate your day to day...

At Mazon, we believe that everyone deserves a place they can relax and feel refreshed, a haven that becomes a launching pad for a brighter tomorrow. Our unwavering commitment is reflected in our mission, working diligently night after night to contribute positively to your overall well-being. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, ensuring that each night spent in the embrace of our products is a step toward a more revitalized and energized tomorrow.