Where can I see the products?

We have many stockists in New Zealand and Australia, there is likely to be one near you.

Please Click Here to find a stockist near you.

What is the process of your Latex?

Mazon Group uses the Dunlop process; Beginning with liquid latex extract, which is whipped into a foam and then injected into mold for shaping. The latex is then baked, then washed, then baked again to remove any excess moisture.

Who are you certified by?

All latex used in Mazon products are certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (G.O.T.S.).

All wool used in Mazon products are certified by OEKO-TEX®.

Hot Sleepers

What temperature does the polar pad cool to? In some conditions it will cool to 10° but practically it should be set between 19 and 35°. Temperatures beneath 19° may not always be achievable.

What temperature does the polar pad heat to? It can heat to 43°.

Can you replace an electric blanket? Yes, due to its ability to heat to 43°C.

How much power does it use? Approximately 80 watt.

Does it make any noise? About the same as a fan on slow speed.

Is there any warranty? Yes, for 2 years.

How does it control the temperature? It uses a patented system using a semi-conductor chip.

How does it cool the bed? Water is pumped through silicone tubes in the bed pad at the correct temperature.

What is the recommended temperature setting? Between 30 and 35°C.

What size mattress do I need?

Choosing the perfect bed is much easier when you know the size you need and we understand finding the right size mattress and base can be overwhelming. Our size guide will help you maximize your sleep space for ultimate rest. Click Here to view our size guide. 



How do I register my warranty?

To register your warranty, please contact the store you originally purchased the product(s) from to claim for a warranty.

You can also download Mazon product warranty Terms & Conditions Here.

Do you offer warranties on your products.

Mazon Group offers a wide range pf products, in which the warranty Terms and Conditions can vary depending on the product, due to hygiene reasons some products don’t have a warranty. Click Here to view Mazon product warranty T&C's.


Will my mattress work on any Motion Base?

The Mazon Align mattress range, Eco-Coil S2 mattress or the Woola 2000 mattress are all compatible with any Mazon Motion Base. Mazon Group does not recommend using mattresses from other brands on Mazon Motion Bases. 

Will my mattress come in a box?

Some of the Mazon Mattresses come in box. Both Mazon Align mattresses and Mazon Eco-Coil mattresses are packaged in a box.

How often should I rotate my mattress?

2weeks - 2months.
The bedding industry advises regular mattress rotation to enhance longevity and comfort. Rotate your mattress every two weeks for the initial two months, and thereafter, every two months. This practice will help prevent body impressions and ensure the prolonged quality of your mattress.

How can I protect my mattress?

Mazon recommends protecting your mattress with the Mazon Quilted mattress
protector. You can find more information in this HERE.

How long does a boxed mattress take to expand?

This can depend on the mattress.

Mazon Eco-Coil boxed mattresses will expand to 90% of the mattress height within one minute. Full expansion can take 3-5hours. 

Mazon Align boxed mattresses can take up to 72hours to fully expand.

How To

How to attach a headboard to a base?

Click Here to download 'How to Attach a Headboard to Base' Manual. 

Please note: The headboard bolts are provided with Mazon Bases, not the headboards. 

How to mount a headboard to the wall?

Mazon Group uses the French Cleat system to attach/mount a headboard to the wall.

Click Here to download the Mazon French Cleat Manual.