ActiveCool Contoured Pillow


The Mazon ActiveCool Contoured Pillow is made from charcoal infused plush elasticity foam, which has been proven to improve deep sleep and wellness.

The visco technology offers unparalleled comfort by moulding to the unique contours of your head and neck, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. 

Contoured Shape

Side & Back Sleeper

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Mazon ActiveCool Contoured Pillow


Charcoal Infused - Charcoal infused visco, encourages odour control, temperature regulations and pain relief.

Flexible Gel - A flexible gel molded into the foam can provide enhanced support and preasure relief while maintaining a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.


Machine Washable

Temperature Regulating

Mazon ActiveCool Contoured Pillow


Contoured shape - contouring of the pillow helps to align with your head, neack and shoulder. 

Gusset - A breathable mesh gusset allows for continuous air circulation and temperature regulation, keeping you comfortable all night long. 

Machine Washable - The cover is fully removable, which can be machine washed, promoting sustainable healthy sleep. 

Size: 87x38cm, 13cm High

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