Comfort Boomerang Pillow


The Mazon Comfort Boomerang pillow has been designed to provide targeted support and comfort for specific areas of the body. They are particularly beneficial for individuals who need extra support for their neck, shoulders, back, or legs while sleeping, sitting, or lounging.

These pillows can help alleviate discomfort and promote better alignment, making them popular choices for pregnant women, individuals with neck or back pain, and those seeking added comfort during relaxation or sleep.

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Comfort Boomerang Pillow


Airfibre - Microfibre creates a plush sleep surface. These microfibres are hollow-core which prevents the plush fill from compressing and becoming flat.

Comfort Boomerang Pillow


Fill: 0.9D Polyester 

Weight: 1200GSM

Cover: White cotton. The pillow is machine-washable, keeping it healthy and sustainable

Size: 75cmL x 75cmW

Wash with warm water, tumble dry on low heat. 

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