Purelatex Traditional Pillow

SKU: NPT7040

The Mazon Purelatex Traditional pillows offers exceptional support thanks to their resilient and responsive nature. This Purelatex pillow conforms to your head and neck contours, providing optimal alignment and relieving pressure points for a comfortable and well-supported sleep.

Traditional Shape

Side & back sleepers

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Purelatex Traditional Pillow


Certified Organic Latex - by Global Organic Textile Standards

Pin-holed - Pin-holed visco allows for air to pass through, improving air circulation and temperature regulation.

Purelatex Traditional Pillow


Latex Process: Dunlop process is used with Global Organic Latex Standard certified latex.

Cover: 100% machine washable cotton cover.

Traditional Shape (soft feel)

Suitable for all sleepers.

Size: 71cmL x 46cmW x 10cmH