Purewool Soft Pillow


The Mazon Purewool Soft pillow is a pocket of pure nature. Featuring nothing but pure New Zealand Strong sheep wool. The purewool soft pillow offers unparalleled comfort, providing a cozy and restful sleep experience. Its natural fibers create a plush and supportive surface, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Suitable for all sleepers

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Purewool Soft


Wool - New Zealand's strong sheep wool, stands out due to its exceptional softness, stronger fibers, & greater uniformity compared to regular sheep wool.

Purewool Soft


Cover: Cotton cover with a linen gusset.

The wool is sourced deep in the South Island, NZ

Suitable for all sleepers

Size: 71 x 46cm, 10cm High


What is NZ Strong Sheep Wool?

New Zealand strong sheep wool comes from breeds like Romney or Coopworth, known for their durable fibers. It's tougher and longer than wool from other sheep, making it great for long-lasting textiles. Regular New Zealand sheep wool can vary in quality and strength, but strong sheep wool is specifically valued for its durability.

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